24T: ₹ 7,175/-

26T: ₹ 7,405/-

24T Colours: Flamingo Pink | Butter Yellow

26T Colours: Flamingo Pink | Butter Yellow | Tiffany Blue | Lavender Purple

Think about leaves and dandelions flying away in the spring breeze. Burst on to every scene like a breath of fresh air on this delightfully “breezy” ride. The BSA Ladybird Breeze cycle is a meadow of beauty. Available in the most calming of shades – you can find the cycle in pink, yellow, blue and lavender. Loaded with thicker tyres, this cycle lends itself to better stability. The BSA Ladybird Breeze is truly a must-have for every young girl.

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The Ladybird Breeze Features

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The Ladybird Breeze Technical Specs

Frame: Low step through frame with Integrated Carrier
Frame Height: 17T
Tyres: 1.75 * 26T MTB Tyre
Rims: Steel
Saddle: Printed and cushioned
Brakes: Calliper Brakes
Extra: Wire-mesh front basket