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BSA Ladybird Shine ASC with a revolutionary Anti Slip Chain

₹ 5,700/-


Worried about the bicycle chain slipping? Not anymore with BSA Ladybird’s finest anti-slip chain technology – Shine ASC. For a hassle free riding experience. For you to chase your dreams and Be Fearless.


Colour: Ruby Pink

The Ladybird Shine ASC Features

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    Ride Without Worry

    Anti-slip chain means long distance without a stop

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    Ride Without Risk

    No need to depend on others to come home safely

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    Ride Without Stopping

    No need to pause your ride just to repair chain slippage

BSA Ladybird Shine ASC Technical Specs

Frame: Step-through steel
Frame Height: 19″
Tyres: 26″ Thin
Rims: Steel
Saddle: Cushioned with printing
Brakes: Calliper brakes
Extra: Wire-mesh front basket