Play a prank. Follow the music. Make a friend. Find a story.
BSA Ladybird takes you and your friends, to explore
new worlds of experiences, discovery and fun!

For those who itch for the next adventure, BSA Ladybird is the perfect companion!

Gone are the days when you waited for the next big thing to happen to you. Travel, learning, friendships, fun – all are now a choice you make. Your time is here.

BSA Ladybird is with you at every step you take towards enjoying the fun times. Superbly comfortable and trendy, this bicycle reflects your style and confidence. Not just a cycle, it’s the statement you’re bursting to make – “I’ve arrived!”

With cushioned saddles, soft hand-grips, step-through frames, easy-glide hubs and many more features, rest assured it’s a comfortable ride for you. What are you waiting for? Fun times are raring to begin!