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Life is all about taking joy in the little things –

a little bit of inspiration, a little bit of motivation,

and a little bit of love.

“I wish they would treat me like a grown-up. I am not a little girl anymore!


A thought that echoes in every teenage girl’s mind when she finds people still mollycoddling her even though she feels ready to take on the world on her own terms.

Our super-stylish and extremely comfortable bicycles for girls and for women are not just partners in her self-determined quest for independence; they are equally her statement of personal style. Available in an enthralling array of pleasant colors and designs, these are every fashionable girl’s dream bicycle.

BSA Ladybird believes in providing the best possible riding experience ever to the young girls and hence, the bikes for girls come loaded with super-comfortable features such as; cushioned saddles, soft handgrips, step-though frames, easy-glide hubs and many more.

And so with any of the ladies bicycles from the BSA Ladybird range, the young girl’s days are sure to be filled with fun, style, and loads of new experiences.